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"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration."
Evan Esar
ProSkill Consulting, LLC - helping investors do business in Africa

About ProSkill Consulting, LLC

ProSkill Consulting, LLC (PSC) is a firm that provides a range of business consulting services to North American businesses that either have established operations in Africa or are in the process of setting up there. Our goal is to help bridge the gap for investors by assisting them with corporate immigration services, relocation advice, as well as facilitating the procurement of business registration licenses needed to operate in Africa. Additionally, ProSkill Consulting, LLC has expertise in sourcing high caliber talent for clients for both their North American and African operations, with a primary focus on the following industries:

  • Energy/Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications

Originally from Africa, the partners of ProSkill Consulting, LLC have over the years realized that as interest in the resource-rich continent increases, there is the need for a personalized service that meets the needs of investors and professionals who are engaging in the opportunities that Africa has to offer. By assisting with the cumbersome logistics and cutting through the abundance of red tape that investors typically face prior to setting up in Africa, ProSkill Consulting, LLC endeavors to make the whole process less daunting.

At ProSkill Consulting, LLC we advise our clients not only on what administrative and legal processes they need to go through in order to be compliant, but also, we help them plan it out and handle the logistics efficiently and in record time for them. We work with the principles of integrity, initiative, and reliability and take pride in delivering a standard of work that mirrors the company ethos to be the best. We are committed to providing excellent service at great value.


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